Friday, January 21, 2011

FRESH BAKED - Jaipur (What's in the Box?)

Half the fun of getting a new game is opening the box! I got this for my birthday last week and I finally had a chance to open it! I've played the game before so I know what's in it going in, but still....a FRESH new game ready to be opened!

Ok, so the one I have for today is called Jaipur. This is a 2-player game that came out in 2009 and is designed by S├ębastien Pauchon. The main premise is you are a trader in Jaipur, India, and you are trying to make the best deals on your trades. A turn involves picking up cards to form sets, picking up camels to use later, or trading in cards for coins. That's it! The coins decrease in value as more are obtained, so you want to get in early. However, if you wait a bit and trade in more commodities at once, you can also get a bonus coin token to increase the value of the trade. Get the most coin values and you win the round! Play as many rounds as you like for a full game (typically 3).

So, let's dig into this tasty morsel! (you can also see my review of Jaipur in another post)

Front of the box

Mmmmm....looks tasty! Beautiful artwork thanks to Alexandre Roche who also did game art for acclaimed games such as Carson CityInca Empire, and the recently released Rattus!

Back of the box

Time to get out the knife and start cutting into it....

Slices.... soft bread.

Removing the shrink.

I only takes one hand to remove the box lid. And......wait for it.....................

Open slowly. Ahhhh, fresh baked goodness!

............alas, no box fart.   :(

Manuals in 3 languages.

But it sure looks great. cardboard smell! Ink and cardboard mingling!

and look.........................!


.....the coin tokens are already punched and ready for play! Too bad I don't have someone here to play it with yet!

The tokens are of very nice quality.

The deck of cards. Just waiting to bust out of the cellophane!

Sealed deck of cards....but not for long!

Nobody ever takes pictures of the cards before they are unwrapped! Usually I take a lone shot of the deck by itself, but I forgot to this time.....but here's the tearing action! I love it when they include that ribbon thing to help facilitate the opening of the cards. I hate to nick or bend a card when trying to peel off the plastic and the ribbon thing makes it so much easier. (what the heck is that ribbon thing really called?)

"Don't stare. It's not polite to look while I'm undressing"

(Sorry about the glare on the cards)

A large hand in my hand!

Surprisingly, that's it! A simple game with simple components....a deck of cards, rules sheets and coin tokens. That's all it takes to have a great time playing a fun social game with a fellow trader.

Ok, that's enough gawking for ya! Now go play a game!

(you can also see my review of Jaipur in another post)

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