Saturday, February 12, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) 2011 - My EGGxperience (Part 2)

Ok, that was a bit too long of a break. Sorry, it's been a busy week. Gaming and all - no time for writing. Oh, and a little travelling.

Day 1 - still....
Anyhow, about part of the way through Terra Prime I was hungry for lunch. My usual lunch time is in the 11am-12pm range and we started in the middle of that range already so I was definitely hungry.

Now, here's something important that I've learned about myself and conventions. I know that if I don't eat regularly, it really starts to affect me and I cannot think properly or function well. Some people can go all day without eating. Not me.

Therefore, I have learned to make sure I have food available and not to rely on anyone else. I had made 2 PB&J sandwiches and also brought some crackers and a banana when I left from home. I kept this in an insulated lunch bag with ice packs in it. I find 2 does just swell - keeps everything nice and cool. Those ice packs you can get from the grocery store for 99 cents are REALLY GREAT! Not those cheap pillowy looking ones but the ones that look like little rectangular water canteens like you see on the back of a jeep. They keep things cold all day long! Perfect for all-day gaming!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) 2011 - My EGGxperience (Part 1)

Hello! Glad you could come over today to the Board Game Back Room. I was worried I'd be a bit tired today but I seem to have recovered well from gaming all weekend (and going on a scout snow trip to the mountains). Yesterday was the last day of the 3-day EGG convention here in beautiful Eugene, Oregon and when I got home I was pretty tired, plus I had one of those wake-up-with-a-headache-due-to-too-little-sleep days - the kind of headache that sticks with you all day despite taking Advil every 2-4 hours. But nothing was going to stop me from attending of course! But, that was Day 3. I should start with Day 1.

So, let me tell you about the convention! In fact, let me take you along!

DAY 1 - Friday, Feb 4, 2011 - 11:40am
Arrival at the Red Lion Inn! In through the lobby and down the stairs to the underground convention room. Just outside the door is the traditional EGG sign:

Yes, you have arrived.

Monday, February 7, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) - Days 2 & 3 quick update

Again, it is late and I am tired after a terrific weekend of gaming. So, I logged my plays with some text and am reproducing here. Sorry, lazy and tired today. I'll try to do a good writeup of EGG (from my point of view) in a couple of days.


This game: All plays | User plays
I joined last minute after finishing Merchants & Marauders - excited I made it! I've read the rules before so quick rule coverage and I was ready to go. This is a game of timing but timing is tough to get down when you haven't played before. Loved the way you commit workers that take more or less time depending on what you commit them to (i.e. don't get them back until later). Not a super heavy game but I really like this interesting worker placement game. Looking forward to playing it again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) - Day 1 quick update

It's late. I'm in a hurry. So I can get to bed. And get up to play. More games. Will try to take more pictures and post later. Here's a quick update swiped from my quickly drafted play log from BGG.

3 new games for me, but the others I've only played 1-2 times each so love getting in more plays of games I haven't played much before.