Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Timely Topics - 1 Month Blog Anniversary!

Well, today it's been exactly 1 month since I started this blog. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I've spent some time tweaking the layout a bit, started pulling in data from BGG and added a separate page counter.

I've had people from at least 17 different countries visit the site and had over 500 hits. I think it's helped that I've cross-pollinated to BGG in posts and my profile there as well as to Facebook via Twitterfeed (even though I don't twitter). As to staying power for the same people coming back, I have no idea. Ultimately, I'm just happy that SOMEONE is reading it and hopefully getting something out of my blatherings.

I've done some reviews and posted some topics of interest that have come to mind. I even have a few half-written entries of topic ideas and a half-written review of Antiquity which I got to play this weekend with my friend Robert. And any number of half-written reviews rattling around in my head.

I have some friends that read the blog and I've received some good advice from them (sometimes conflicting) but helps me think about how I want to write about things.

For instance, I tend to be a bit wordy. One suggestion was to make it into smaller quick reads. No matter how I try it just comes out longer than I hope. I can always go back and edit for length, but that's not any fun and, besides, it's my own blog so I can write how I want to, right? Hopefully extra length isn't turning off readers and, if it is, well hopefully the people that LIKE longer write-ups will stick around.

I think what has been most important to me is I've been trying to set myself apart a bit from board game news sites or other blogs that are light on information and just trying to post stuff for the sake of posting. I've not tried to put too much pressure on myself to post entries, but at the same time I'm trying to post at least one item every 1-2 days. But, I like to give a bit more information, include some nice pictures, provide links to other information, and have just fun with it in general. It takes more time, but it is, I feel, more satisfying.

Hopefully that is entertaining to people. And, if not, at least I'm having fun writing and researching!

I've never been one to keep a journal and haven't posted a blog before, but because it's about gaming I'm really enjoying myself.

I hope you are too.

When I set this up I originally had the comments set to only be allowed by people with a Google account. I have opened it up to Anonymous comments now and NOT moderating them before they appear. HOWEVER, I reserve the right to delete anything questionable. If you are critical I won't delete those, otherwise what's the point in having comments? But if they are inappropriate in some way or what looks like spam, they will be removed.

Please write a comment to state your feelings about what you like/don't like, if you think my entries are too long or not, mention topics you'd like to hear about, games you'd like to hear about, etc.

After that, then you can go play a game! Unless it's a nice day like it is today here - if so, go play outside instead!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I think the style is just right for me, with an amount of information conveyed about a game that is comprehensive enough, while avoiding being over-long.

    Keep up the good work! :-)

    My two (boards and) bits,



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