Monday, January 3, 2011

Back Stock - Games that will be coming to my table soon!

So, I've been thinking about my blog a lot more today. I've come up with a list of general categories and figured out how to tag my articles and display the tags to kind of create sections. I realize that these sections probably won't have any meaning on the Kindle, but if I include them in the Title of each post, that will still 'categorize' the posts anyhow and readers will 'know' what they are getting, so to speak.

I took some pics of my 'Board Game Back Room' and posted a 'permanent' pic on the web blog. Here's a quick shot for the  Kindle readers:

There are more games piled around that I need to organize but you get the idea.

Ok, so I hear you asking: "Where's the discussion about board games? I'm tired of hearing you talk about the blog itself!"

Fine! I packed up 10 totes of Christmas decorations yesterday and 3 totes of lights and outdoor decorations today and really didn't get to do much with gaming but, I realize I must appease you so here's a small taste of what's on my table to look at in the near future. First, a pic of my table:

Let's see what's lined up here:

  • Key Market - This has been a highly anticipated game for me! I pre-ordered (not normal for me) as there were only 1000 copies available. I paid Richard Breese directly and he sent it to me directly after Essen 2010 in October. However, I resisted and did not open it and received it as a Christmas present. I STILL haven't cracked it yet. Look for this as my first Hot Box featured game!

    What I know about it so far: It is an economic game where you are trying to build up your income from nothing by working the fields and selling your goods. It is in the 'Key' game series although this game was not designed by Richard but by David Brain but it is published by Richard's company and has similar graphic design as Keythedral and Key Harvest. It has really nice wooden meeples! And, I will be playing it with some friends this coming weekend!
  • Small World - I have played this game twice during 2010. My wife got a deeply discounted copy of it from Borders and surprised me with it for Christmas. And, I have two of the expansions on the way from an eBay purchase earlier today. This will be featured eventually in the Fresh Baked section.

    What I know about it so far: This is an interesting wargame/area control type of game where you must pick a race of warriors and lead them into battle against the other player's races. It has an interesting mechanic where the races have different abilities each game and come out in different order. You can add/mix and match from expansions to give you more options. Can't wait to break the seal on this one.
  • Railroad Dice / Railroad Dice 2 + Expansions: I picked up the full set of Railroad dice earlier in 2010 from a group order put together by David Thompson (The Milk Crate on BGG). It is difficult to get and has great reviews. Plus, I rather enjoy train games and this has an interesting twist. Another Fresh Baked goody to be sampled soon!

    What I know about it so far: It has dice. Lots of dice. Your income comes in the form of dice which you roll then use to build track or take other actions.
And a quick rundown of the other games in 'Back Stock'
  • Input: A game from 30+ years ago about computer programming! To be featured in the Treasure Chest.
  • Bottle Imp: A game based on a story by Robert Lewis Stevenson. A great game for 3 players! This one will fall under Game Favs.
  • Troyes: My home made copy of this highly buzzed about, difficult to get, Essen 2010 game will be showcased and detailed under The Creative Gamer.
  • Netrunner: A Goodwill thrift find will be finding it's way to my table in the near future and will be discussed in the To Thrift or Not to Thrift section.
  • Clue: No really?! Another Goodwill thrift find that I want to introduce to my kids - a game from my gaming past (but updated in this version)
  • Flicochet: Dexterity fun with no board required!
  • En Garde: Fencing in a boardgame? Another winner by Herr Knizia.
  • Battleline: Just can't escape Knizia, can I?
  • Dominion: Yes, it's there - in the far background AND .... in a photo box?! I will feature my recent project in a section I'm calling The Creative Gamer. Watch for it soon!
  • Master Builder: 3D, in-game building. This appeals to my architecture interests so very looking forward to featuring it in the Fresh Baked section.
  • Pitchcar 4: Stunt Race: Less a stunt, more a race but on a whole new level. The ups and downs of our first race. This game will be discussed first in the Hot Box section and then it will be found on The Workbench as I show a repair on the original game box that my kids damaged just before Christmas!
Phew! I sure have my work cut out for me. I better get some sleep as it's back to my REAL job tomorrow ( after a 3 week Christmas vacation. <sigh>


  1. what about Homesteaders? I will play that with you, I really enjoy that one.

  2. I can bring it to EGG and maybe we can play - I haven't played it since I was in Ashland @ the game day there middle of last year.


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