Sunday, January 2, 2011

Up and running

Well, today I set up this blog and here is my very first post!

I have considered starting a blog or podcast or some such beast over the past year or so, but wasn't sure how to focus my attention and wasn't sure exactly what I really wanted to talk about. I suppose that's not completely true - I figured it would focus on board games. But, did I want to actually 'talk'? Did I want to shoot videos? Did  I just want to write? All of these present their own advantages and drawbacks. 

The biggest issue with a podcast was I'm not really the chatty sort - I can be, but perhaps not enough to be entertaining in that way.

The problem with video is, well, I suppose I'm camera shy. I'm primarily an introvert and taking a video of myself goes against that nature. Besides, who wants to look at my silly balding head with that oily shine reflecting back into the fragile viewer's eyes? Between that and my thick glasses and my 'bowl full of jelly' (a bit rotund perhaps - yes, I am planning on working on it. No really, I am!)

SO, writing it is!

But what really pushed me over was my Kindle. Yes, my new, thin, beautiful 6" Kindle 3 that my parents surprised me with for Christmas! What's this? I can not only read books but I can transfer PDFs (i.e. game rules)? And I can subscribe to blogs and newspapers and magazines? And even browse the web (sort of)?! Niiiiiiiiiiccccce!

And, of course, I checked for a board game blog on the Kindle. Surely it exists! Hmmmm......nope. No such topic. Well, perhaps this is my opportunity to get moving on that blog thing! Perhaps...........

Ta-da! Here it is! 

I haven't posted officially to Amazon yet. Apparently they take a look at it before they approve it. I suspect they actually want to see some content. Some INTERESTING content. I hope I will be interesting enough. That being said, I also hope they keep the cost low - I'm not in this for the money, just for the fun of it. Something new and interesting to do. And, something I hope will be interesting ultimately for others.

If not, I guess this will just become my regular journal of my escapades in gaming. Drat! Why didn't I think of that phrase BEFORE? Escapades in Gaming! THAT would have been a really cool title for my blog.

Oh well, perhaps in another life......

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