Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) 2011 - My EGGxperience (Part 5)

This is my final installment for EGG 2011. I had a great time even though I missed out on part of Saturday. I hope Lorna continues to run EGG for years to come.  I think it's really starting to come into it's own and beginning to attract some good attention.

Between some of my turns I made sure to get up and take some pictures of other games going on around the convention. Here are some shots of what I saw:

RoadZters set up and ready to play.

 This pic reminds me that I forgot to mention playing RoadZters on Saturday evening after playing Sun, Sea & Sand. I will say that I wasn't too impressed with it. The cars were overly fiddly (and I'm not usually bothered by some fiddliness), the overpass wasn't tall enough to go under and it took many, many shots to get around some of the curves, especially downhill. I realize this is a dexterity game and requires some skillz/practice, but I had a hard time seeing myself replacing PitchCar with this. I read some alternate rules later and want to try again with those adjustments.

Devlin and Ken playing K2

Chris (arm), Doug, Andy, Lorna (host!), Cary and Julie playing Liberté 

Steven, Michael, Peter and Chris S playing 18NEB

Monsterpocalypse setup

Monsterpocalypse figures closeup

Cary, Julie, Ken and Chris playing Airlines

Paul, Ferrell, Mike and Chris D playing
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

Thanks again to Lorna for running this convention!
Thanks to Mary for running the math trade! Maybe I'll participate next year....
Thanks to Bryon for helping set up and for staying late to let everyone keep playing!
Thanks to FunAgain for donating games for the raffle!
Thanks to all the attendees (especially those coming from great distances)!

See everyone next year!

And, if you didn't get a chance to attend plan for next year now! It's always Super Bowl Weekend! That means next year it should be Feb 3-5, 2012. You won't regret it.

Good night and thanks for all the games!

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