Friday, February 18, 2011

HOT BOX - "Haggis" (What's in the Box?)

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Have you seen Haggis!? I've been really interested in this card game for a while. I've played and enjoyed Tichu but it requires 4 who want to play which isn't always possible. It has been said that if you like Tichu you will also like Haggis, but the advantage is that you can play with 2 or 3! There is some dispute as to how similar it is to Tichu. Frankly, I don't care how close it is as long as it's a good game. There appear to definitely be similarities which certainly begs comparison.

Anyhow, I picked up Haggis from the Jack Vasel auction. Wow, I just checked and it had 543 items, has brought in over $30,000 so far, and has another $7,000+ left to collect! Amazing!

Well, Travis Worthington sent me my copy of Haggis (2nd printing) which I received earlier this week (before anyone else got it!). Thanks Travis!

Haggis was designed by Sean Ross and is published by Travis's independent publishing company Indie Boards and Cards. They also publish Triumvirate and The Resistance, the latter of which was very popular at the EGG convention a couple of weeks ago. I'm considering pre-ordering copies of both from the next print run.

In anticipation of Wednesday gaming I opened the box and took some pics. I was hoping to get a game in Wednesday, alas, it didn't happen. I'm hoping to get it learned and played within the next week.

Anyhow, I took some pics when I opened it. I've been excited to get this game so thought I'd share the experience with you!

Here's the box front...
Love the tartan look to the box!

Back of the box

Cutting in. Notice the small box size!



This box was a pain to get started opening.
Very tight fitting lid!

Ahh! Finally got it open!

Oops! Flying flyers!

Game rules in 3 languages.

Everything you get!

The deck of cards.
Ok, so it's just a deck of cards! Well, it IS a card game. I just want to say - the card is so simple, and yet, I continue to be amazed by how many interesting games designers have come up with that just use cards! So versatile! Don't you think so too? (hmmm, I'm amazed by the simplest things I guess....)

Closeup of the sealed deck

Play Summary cards are separate

Play summary cards (both sides)
I LOVE play summary cards. EVERY game should come with a summary card and quick reference sheets. I wish Tichu did as the deck I got didn't come with any and I always get confused when I play (especially when playing special DESIGNER decks - i.e. customized standard decks)

These appear to be very nice summary cards with all the important information on them.
Examples of one suit, the card backs and
one of the special Queen cards.
I love the card backs with the green Scottish knot sort of designs with a pair of birds (peacocks?) entwined into the design.

All suits and the 3 special types of cards
I'm guessing the symbols on the cards are also Scottish knots, although I am NOT (hehe) certain of their meaning (i.e. I am lazy and have not researched it yet). BUT, I love the overall look of the cards. Easy to read and distinguish between suits.

So, there you have it. Lovely Haggis! Did I mention Haggis is made of sheep heart, lung and liver minced up and boiled? YUM! (maybe I'll try it someday - hey, if I tried Escargot I could certainly try this, right?)

Hey! Wait! Come back! We didn't get to play Haggis yet!

(I knew I shouldn't have told you what was really in Haggis). It's Really More Than Just ANOTHER CARD GAME! I'M SURE OF IT!


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