Sunday, February 6, 2011

EGG (Eugene Games Gala) - Day 1 quick update

It's late. I'm in a hurry. So I can get to bed. And get up to play. More games. Will try to take more pictures and post later. Here's a quick update swiped from my quickly drafted play log from BGG.

3 new games for me, but the others I've only played 1-2 times each so love getting in more plays of games I haven't played much before.

Played with 2 new players and 1 experienced. I finished dead last! Still had a great time. Only issue with this game is some turns take a long time and other turns are done in 10 seconds (i.e. when just moving)

My 2nd time playing, but first time with the real game (1st time was with Robert's quickly made hand-made deck). Love the graphics and it made it easier to follow. I couldn't get science and maybe should have focused on war, but ended up getting a lot of points from blue cards. unfortunately, I really needed some combos to get some other points. Definitely worth playing again though.

2nd play. I liked it better this time. I saw more strategic play happening by all. Everyone else was newbies. Interesting to see hwo different the fire is played out depending on the players and also the configuration of where they are at.

Really like this worker placement. Takes some getting used to understanding all the goals and the powers. Also love the variable end-game goals (4 of 6 possible). Rog 'fell' into a relatively quick and easy win, but there is a lot going on here and glad I got to learn it.

my 2nd or 3rd play of SW, this time with Cursed expansion which turned out to have some interesting twists. I haven't played in quite a while and apparently haven't even logged any plays for it before! Perhaps it was before I started logging? Anyhow, I just got my own copy so was nice to see it to the table so that I can go open and play my copy.

I got off to a quick start right at the beginning but I think I ended up 3rd.

Have been wanting to play this and finally got to now! Really, really like this as a deduction game. It took me probably at least 10 minutes to realize that you should start off by marking off the 9 visible tiles that you can see right from the get-go! DUH! Let me say that again. DUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!

Flix Mix x4

Really fun, fast game where everyone plays simultaneously. Played 4 times. Chris won every time with me very close 2nd (beating me by 1,2,3 and 4 cards, not in that order) Nobody else was particularly closer - guess it's just a game that clicks for us.

I hope to have some pics posted in the future (of the games I remembered to play anyhow)


  1. lol at Code 777, I didn't realize you were all new to the game (I hope) or someone should have pointed that out ;)

  2. Well, Chris taught us. He either didn't mention it, or I just didn't notice hims saying anything. It WAS later in the evening.


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